5 ideas of promotional products

Looking for promotional products inspiration for your marketing strategy? Here 5 effective ideas from www.yorkn.com.



Promotional outerwear has almost limitless design possibilities. You can place your logo on virtually any surface of your promotional jackets or coats. According to a recent study by Advertising Specialty Institute, the average coat will generate over six hundred impressions over its lifetime. These coats are also a great choice for brand recognition because people often wear them multiple times per day. You will get lots of attention, regardless of whether you choose logo embroidery, screen printing or embroidered artwork.


The best thing about promotional t-shirts is their cheap marketing value. Promotional t-shirts are a relatively low-cost option for marketing your business and can be ordered online. You should choose a simple design for your promotional T-shirt. It should not have more than three colors. This will reduce printing costs and make sure your tees last as long as possible. These t-shirts can also help you spread the word about what your business does to a wider audience.

USB drives

Promotional USB sticks are a great way of promoting your brand and business. They are a great way to transport large documents and can help you spread your company’s name. Global Industry Analysts predicts that by 2020, the global market will have more than half a billion USB drives. With so many uses, a branded USB drive is a great way to spread the word about your business.


Branded backpacks make great advertising tools. They are lightweight and can be filled up with promotional goodies. They can also be used to enhance corporate gift baskets and hampers. They are an excellent choice for any company that wants to spread its brand message. Backpacks can be printed with any company logo, name, or message to give them an added edge. Promotional backpacks have many other benefits. They are lightweight and easy-to-use.

Printed pens

Printed pens are highly useful and are often used to create brand recognition. You can print your logo or personal message on them. Your company name will be more prominently displayed to potential clients. This is a cost-effective way to market your company. It will increase your company’s visibility and leave a lasting impression. This type of product can also be used in marketing.

Branded backpacks

Printed bags are one of the best marketing tools around. Not only can you use them anywhere, but they also get your brand and message noticed. These bags are timeless and can be used without the need for electricity or internet. In fact, they are a great way to complement your digital marketing campaign and even kick off social media conversations. Branded backpacks are more popular than other promotional gifts and can be used to promote events or spread your brand’s message.