Dietary Advice: Suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Dietary Advice: Suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Recommended: yesterday baked white or black bread.
Unadvisable: fresh, just baked food from pastry, fresh bread

Grits, pasta
Recommended: rice, corn cereal, buckwheat. Porridge should be boiled using 1/3 lean milk or you should not use milk at all, macaroni.
Unadvisable: Fat porridge. If you suffer from gassiness: pearl-barley, semolina, wheat.

Meat, fish
Recommended: chicken, turkey (without skin), rabbit, beef. Fish (cod, pike, pikeperch, bass, you can also use fat fish: salmon, mackerel, turbot). Meat and fish should be prepared limiting fat, if possible – boiled or stewed.
Unadvisable: cooked fat meat, boiled, smoked sausage.

Recommended: Beijing salad, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, cucumber (no skin), aubergine.
Unadvisable: Tomatoes (and products containing them, for example. Tomato sauce, (ketchup), turnips, radishes, garlic, onion. Tanned vegetables, pickled vegetables. If you suffer abdominal distention: white cabbage, red cabbage, leguminous vegetables

Recommended: Apple (without skin), peaches (without skin), nectarines, apricots, cranberries (stewed fruit), black currants, blueberries, bananas, kiwi.
Unadvisable: Fruit is not prohibited, but may exacerbate the symptoms of heartburn: citrus fruits, pomegranates, pears, pineapple. Use them with percussion.

Recommended: Vegetables, grains soups.
Unadvisable: Broths, fat soups.

Dairy products:
Recommended: Yogurt, kefir, sour milk, curd, curd cheese.
Unadvisable: Milk, cheese.

Recommended: Butter, cream, olive oil (up to 3 table spoons per day).
Unadvisable: Fat, fat sour cream, mayonnaise.

Recommended: Fruit and berry juice (1 / 2 dilute with water), still water, green and black tea, herbal tea (oregano, chamomile, etc.).
Unadvisable: Carbonated drinks, lemonade, coffee, cocoa, chocolate.

Recommended: sugar, jam, honey.
Unadvisable: Sweeteners, fat confectionery.

Recommended: Thyme, marjoram, basil and other herbaceous spices.
Unadvisable: Cinnamon, savory spices.


Eat frequent, but not much
Eat 2-3 hours intervals. Avoid eating consistently.
Eat at least 3 hours before sleep.
After eating do not lie down.
Avoid clothing which pressures your waist (especially after eating)
Try to achieve and maintain optimal body weight.
BMI = weight in poundsdivided byheight in inches²(1 foot = 12 inches, inches² = inches * inches)
Reduce the fat content in food.
Choose food with no visible fat.
Choose lean dairy products, avoid fatty sauces.
Avoid alcohol.