Grandpa’s Salmon Eggs Fish Bait Recipe

Grandpa’s Salmon Eggs Fish Bait Recipe

Have you ever fished with a cured salmon eggs fish bait before? Do you know how effective they can be at catching the larger game fish like muskellunge, largemouth bass, salmon and lake trout?

Well, now here is an easy recipe you can use to make your own cured salmon eggs so that you will have plenty available whenever you need them for fishing. It’s simple to do and will not take much effort on your part.

Here is how you can make your own batch of Grandpa’s Cured Salmon Eggs. Whenever you are cleaning a salmon you want to be sure to remove and keep the egg sacks. Keep the egg sacks intact. These are what you are going to be using to make this fish bait.

You first want to make as many 3 to 4 inch sections of the egg sack as you can by cutting it across the membrane. Then grab a large medium-depth pan or dish and take some borax and spread it into the pan or dish so that the borax is about one-quarter inch deep.

Place the 3 to 4 inch sections of the egg sack that you just cut up onto the layer of the borax in the pan about one inch apart from each other. You will then need to go ahead and pour more borax on top of all the egg sacks making sure that all of the eggs are covered lightly with the borax.

You are now going to need to let the salmon eggs dry out. It usually takes about three days for them to dry out. Sometimes two. Make sure you keep them in a well ventilated place where they will not get wet and will not get any direct sunlight. Every 12 hours or so go back and turn them so that they cure properly all over.

After the salmon eggs have dried out you can go ahead and remove them from the pan. Shake any left over borax off of the salmon eggs. The egg sacks should feel flexible, but rough.

Store the salmon egg sacks in some zip lock plastic bags so they are readily available for you the next time you go fishing. This is one fish bait that is really easy to make and it will be ready for you to use in only three days. You will soon see that many large game fish find cured salmon eggs irresistible.