How to Cook Rice in 3 Easy Steps

How to Cook Rice in 3 Easy Steps

You will need

  • Rice(easy Cook Preferably)- Qty Depends On How Many You Are Cooking For
  • A Medium Sized Pan
  • Measuring Jug
  • 15g Of Margarine

Getting started

To get started you need to know how many people you are cooking for. Make sure that you have enough to serve everyone.

Step 1

Fill the pan with water till about the half point in the pan. Boil the water for up to 5 minutes depending on your cooker. Ideally this should be boiled at 150 Degrees. This temperature allows the rice to cook without burning or over cooking.

Step 2

Pour the rice into the pan and start to stir the rice slowly. This ensures that the rice is loose and will cook perfectly. Don’t keep stirring all the time make sure you do this for about 2 minutes and the close the lid and leave the rice to cook.

Step 3

After 6 minutes empty the water from the pan and reduce the power from the cooker to about 20 Degrees again this depends on the cooker you are using. Put the 15g of margarine on the rice and mix it with a fork not spoon. This will give more flavour to the rice and make it very tasty. After 2 minutes remove the pan from the cooker and serve the rice accordingly.

Fun Fact

I have cooked rice from the age of 8. My dad an accomplished chef taught me this way to cook the rice. Since then I have impressed a lot of ladies with my rice. You can add some coriander leaf if you want to spice it up more. This goes down well with any meat or sea food served with a chilled bottle of wine.